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Roberto Gori r.gori at
Mon Feb 6 05:41:34 CST 2006

Hi, guys,

I'm trying to solve a linear system with M equations and N unknowns (M >> N) using the LSQR method.

I have a C parallel sparse matrix MxN with NZ nonzero elements stored in this way:

double values[NZ]; // the nonzero values
int idxn[NZ]; // the column indices
int nz[M]; // the number of nonzero values for each row

what is the best way to create a PETSc matrix?

Do exists a statement like VecCreateMPIWithArray for already distributed vectors that could do all the work in one shot without copy?

Just another detail. Initially M is unknown.
All my structures are allocated dynamically because the number of rows M (and the number of nonzero NZ also)  is determined just before to solve the system,  so I think it's no feasible for me to call MatCreateMPIAIJ at the begin of my code and to perform the MatSetValues loop.


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