[petsc-dev] test harness requires case independent

Barry Smith bsmith at petsc.dev
Wed Apr 27 13:33:34 CDT 2022


  Could the test harness search for requires be made case independent?

$ make -f gmakefile.test test query='requires' queryval='*superlu_dist*'
Using MAKEFLAGS: -- queryval=*superlu_dist* query=requires
     CLINKER arch-superlu_dist-single/tests/ksp/ksp/tests/ex17
        TEST arch-superlu_dist-single/tests/counts/ksp_ksp_tests-ex17_superlu_dist.counts
 ok ksp_ksp_tests-ex17_superlu_dist

$ make -f gmakefile.test test query='requires' queryval='*SuperLU_DIST*'
Using MAKEFLAGS: -- queryval=*SuperLU_DIST* query=requires
# No test results in  ./arch-superlu_dist-single/tests/counts

I looked query_test.py and could not see where the queryval comes from


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