[petsc-dev] where is DATAFILESPATH ?

Eric Chamberland Eric.Chamberland at giref.ulaval.ca
Wed Mar 31 13:32:35 CDT 2021


looking at petsc tests launched from "make test", I see many tests are 
skipped like this:

ok ksp_ksp_tutorials-ex76_1 # SKIP Requires DATAFILESPATH
         TEST arch-linux-c-debug/tests/counts/ksp_ksp_tutorials-ex76_geneo_pc_hpddm_levels_1_eps_nev-5.counts

But where can I find the repository containing the data for these tests?...

Or what is the right value for DATAFILESPATH?



Eric Chamberland, ing., M. Ing
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GIREF/Université Laval
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