[petsc-dev] testing with Pipelines before making merge request

Scott Kruger kruger at txcorp.com
Tue Jun 23 22:52:52 CDT 2020

I see the value in this, but am somewhat ambivalent..

As a workflow, I did do the "Assign to me" and then when it was actually 
ready to merge, I changed the status to "Ready to merge" and assigned to 
Satish.  I liked this because the gitlab MR button in the upper right 
shows the ones assigned to you by default -- it's a nice To Do list.

Of course, with your petscgitbash, effectively you can see your MR To Do 
list from the command-line, and having a tidy MR list for PETSc itself 
is really nice.  I agree that PETSc's is a bit messy.

However, if I'm going to get a conflict, it's almost certainly going to 
be from Junchao and I like seeing his MR's just so I know which files 
he's working on.  (Click that MR button, clear the search with your 
name, change Author=@jczhang07, and it'll appear in your recent searches 
so easy-peasy).    Yes, I can do a
     git branch -a | grep jczhang
but there are a lot of branches there, and there isn't as much 
explanation as you get with an MR.

Of course, I could try actually emailing or *gasp* talking to Junchao, 
but isn't the whole point of the internet to minimize contact with 
people?  ;-)

And yes, I can see it when the MR is ready, but one (admittedly 
generally positive) side-effect is going to be a shorter MR cycle.


P.S.  I await the perfect git command(s) that renders my whole argument 
moot and makes me feel like a git noob.

On 6/23/20 6:21 PM, Barry Smith wrote:
>    One can test a branch with Pipelines (and fix it) before making a merge request. GitLab is smart enough to remember that branch has passed the pipeline and not require another test just because you make a MR (unless of course you change something based on MR feedback).
>    This can prevent some churn in merge request messages and constant pushes. Of course if one needs help in fixing a pipeline problem one is free to make a WIP merge request and ask for help there.
>     Barry

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