[petsc-dev] ASM for each field solve on GPUs

Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Wed Dec 30 17:30:01 CST 2020

I see that ASM has a DM and can get subdomains from it. I have a DMForest
and I would like an ASM that has a subdomain for each field. How might I go
about doing this? (the fields are not coupled in the matrix so this would
give a block diagonal matrix, and thus exact with LU sub solvers.

I am then going to want to get these separate solves to be run in parallel
on a GPU (I'm talking with Sherry about getting SuperLU working on these
small problems). In looking at PCApply_ASM it looks like this will take
some thought. KSPSolve would need to be non-blocking, etc., or a new apply
op might be needed.

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