[petsc-dev] Merge request error

Ali Reza Khaz'ali arkhazali at iut.ac.ir
Sat Dec 5 10:29:53 CST 2020

Dear Matt,


Thanks a lot for your kind answer. It is just a simple fix for Pragma directives, which are a bit different for windows icl.



diff --git a/include/petscsys.h b/include/petscsys.h

index 1b414e7dce..381ad1c0cf 100644

--- a/include/petscsys.h

+++ b/include/petscsys.h

@@ -388,8 +388,10 @@ M*/

#  define PetscPragmaSIMD _Pragma("vector")

#elif defined(__GNUC__) && __GNUC__ >= 5 && !defined(__PGI)

#  define PetscPragmaSIMD _Pragma("GCC ivdep")

-#elif defined(_OPENMP) && _OPENMP >= 201307

+#elif defined(_OPENMP) && _OPENMP >= 201307 && !defined(_WIN32)

#  define PetscPragmaSIMD _Pragma("omp simd")

+#elif defined(_OPENMP) && _OPENMP >= 201307 && defined(_WIN32)

+#  define PetscPragmaSIMD __pragma(omp simd)


#  define PetscPragmaSIMD _Pragma("_CRI ivdep")




Best wishes,




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On Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 4:12 AM Ali Reza Khaz'ali <arkhazali at iut.ac.ir <mailto:arkhazali at iut.ac.ir> > wrote:



I want to fix an issue in petscsys.h that prevents the code from being compiled by icl on Windows. However, I cannot create a merge request, and GitLab web interface link shows a 404 error. I would be grateful if you could provide guidance on the matter.




This would be a grat contribution. I see two ways to solve this:


1) Are you trying to create a Merge Request from your fork of PETSc? Just making sure, because you might not have permission for an MR from the PETSc repo itself.


2) If Gitlab is just not working, you can send your diff to me, and I will check it in under your name.







Best wishes,

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Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering & Director of Student Affairs,

Department of Chemical Engineering

Isfahan University of Technology

Isfahan, Iran




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