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Interesting. I expect that Google will be convinced to rewrite Tensorflow entirely in Fortran now.

Seriously, I'm not sure what the motivation for this particular project is. Is it that people are tired of reading in their data using some nice Python tool and would rather be using old school fixed-format data routines in Fortran? =)


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 Looks like that job is now done.

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Have you ever lamented the lack of good DNN tools in Fortran? If so, you need lament no longer.


A parallel Fortran framework for neural networks and deep learning

This paper describes neural-fortran, a parallel Fortran frame- work for neural networks and deep learning. It features a simple interface to construct feed-forward neural networks of arbitrary structure and size, several activation functions, and stochastic gradient descent as the default optimization algorithm. neural-fortran also leverages the Fortran 2018 standard collective subroutines to achieve data-based paral- lelism on shared- or distributed-memory machines.

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