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> "Smith, Barry F. via petsc-maint" <petsc-maint at mcs.anl.gov> writes:
> >   Yes you have the history exactly right, but keeping them as
> independent beasts seemed/seems impossible; except by doing something very
> cumbersome (like shoving all the PCXXX_YYY that depended on KSP into the
> KSP src directory). So the "opted" was really forced upon us.
> We could merge PC and KSP into a single class, perhaps maintaining
> separate lists by typical "role"

Luckily, this was advocated for 20 years ago:


> (the things we call PC are usually
> configured to be linear operations while the things we call KSP are
> iterative).  It would be a major change and I'm not suggesting we
> should, but it would eliminate a lot of duplication and associated
> controversy.

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