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Karl Rupp rupp at iue.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Mar 18 22:48:01 CDT 2019

Hi Matt,

>     His slides have more,
>     "
>     PETSc is a widely used library for large sparse iterative solves.
>              Excellent and comprehensive library of solvers
>              It is the basis of a significant number of home-made
>     simulation codes
>              It is notoriously hard to start getting running with;
>     nontrivial even for experts to install. 
> This is a typical parochial take by someone with very limited 
> experience. People who routinely install a lot of libraries
> say that the install is very smooth. People like this who deal with only 
> their own F90 and nothing else are scared. I would
> point out that if you want nothing else, pip install petsc works fine. I 
> can't believe we have spent this much time on an idiot.

Please mind your language to meet new PETSc standards:

Best regards,

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