[petsc-dev] external preconditioner availablilty for PETSc

Park, Heeho heepark at sandia.gov
Tue Mar 5 19:30:54 CST 2019

Hi PETSc developers,

I’m writing my proposal for my dissertation research at UIUC that will study on effectiveness of preconditioners for anisothermal, multiphase porous media flow calculations in parallel using PFLOTRAN. I know the link below lists preconditioners but from your experience, which preconditioning packages provide reliable and efficient PILUT, AMG, SA-AMG preconditioners for PETSc and do you have other preconditioner recommendations?
I used hypre PILUT, but the performance and the linear iteration count to solve a matrix is worse than ILU(0) which is not what I expected.


Heeho Daniel Park

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