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    We don't currently have a good handle on this. It would be good to be able to produce a strong response. Many industrial users like to keep a relatively low profile on their use of open source software.

    In this case we can't be vague and say oh XYZ uses it (or WYZ used it 10 years ago), we would need either a website or  contact person who could confirm it. World wide is fine. Tao, PETSc4py and derivative packages such as libmesh, Firedrake etc are great too.

    Any thoughts you may have on finding out about such usage and specific cases you know about today would be appreciated



   Perhaps users at other labs such as NASA, NIST, etc would be good too.

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I'm part of the group working on a document highlighting accomplishments of ASCR over the past 40 years and am writing the section on "Impact on Industry." In our group call on Tuesday, someone said it would be a good idea to highlight the industrial users of PETSc. Would someone on your team be able to give me a representative list of known users? Or if you have such a list online and can point me to it, that would be fine.

Many thanks in advance,
Jon Bashor

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