[petsc-dev] MPI shared library check broken for a very long time !!!!!!!

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Jul 29 23:05:26 CDT 2019

Does this mean we've been incorrectly identifying shared libraries all this time?

"Smith, Barry F. via petsc-dev" <petsc-dev at mcs.anl.gov> writes:

>   Jed and Matt,
>    I have two problems with the MPI shared library check goes back to at least 3.5
> 1) Executing: /Users/barrysmith/soft/gnu-gfortran/bin/mpiexec /var/folders/y5/5_h50n196d3_hpl0jbpv51ph0000gn/T/petsc-5Abny2/config.libraries/conftest
> sh: /Users/barrysmith/soft/gnu-gfortran/bin/mpiexec /var/folders/y5/5_h50n196d3_hpl0jbpv51ph0000gn/T/petsc-5Abny2/config.libraries/conftest
> Executing: /Users/barrysmith/soft/gnu-gfortran/bin/mpiexec /var/folders/y5/5_h50n196d3_hpl0jbpv51ph0000gn/T/petsc-5Abny2/config.libraries/conftest
> sh: 
> ERROR while running executable: Could not execute "/Users/barrysmith/soft/gnu-gfortran/bin/mpiexec /var/folders/y5/5_h50n196d3_hpl0jbpv51ph0000gn/T/petsc-5Abny2/config.libraries/conftest":
> Could not find initialization function
>    This is due to the visibility flag being passed in building the test libraries hence symbol not visible form outside
> 2) If you turn off the visibility flag with ./configure --with-visibility=0 then the problem becomes
> Could not find initialization check function
> I could not figure out why this fails. Not related to visibility
> Both gnu and clang compilers.

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