[petsc-dev] MPI shared library check broken for a very long time !!!!!!!

Smith, Barry F. bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Jul 28 10:34:11 CDT 2019

  Jed and Matt,

   I have two problems with the MPI shared library check goes back to at least 3.5

1) Executing: /Users/barrysmith/soft/gnu-gfortran/bin/mpiexec /var/folders/y5/5_h50n196d3_hpl0jbpv51ph0000gn/T/petsc-5Abny2/config.libraries/conftest
sh: /Users/barrysmith/soft/gnu-gfortran/bin/mpiexec /var/folders/y5/5_h50n196d3_hpl0jbpv51ph0000gn/T/petsc-5Abny2/config.libraries/conftest
Executing: /Users/barrysmith/soft/gnu-gfortran/bin/mpiexec /var/folders/y5/5_h50n196d3_hpl0jbpv51ph0000gn/T/petsc-5Abny2/config.libraries/conftest
ERROR while running executable: Could not execute "/Users/barrysmith/soft/gnu-gfortran/bin/mpiexec /var/folders/y5/5_h50n196d3_hpl0jbpv51ph0000gn/T/petsc-5Abny2/config.libraries/conftest":
Could not find initialization function

   This is due to the visibility flag being passed in building the test libraries hence symbol not visible form outside

2) If you turn off the visibility flag with ./configure --with-visibility=0 then the problem becomes

Could not find initialization check function

I could not figure out why this fails. Not related to visibility

Both gnu and clang compilers.

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