[petsc-dev] alternatives to cygwin on Windows with PETSc

Mills, Richard Tran rtmills at anl.gov
Mon Jul 1 16:59:37 CDT 2019

Ah, OK. I was originally just thinking that many people would be happy if they can get PETSc to simply work with GCC or Clang that they get from the package manager used in the WSL setup. I believe both the Microsoft and Intel compilers are all available for free these days, so I'll install them and see how hard (or easy) it is to get them to work. Unfortunately, I haven't done any development as a "regular" Windows user since the late 1990s, though, so I'm not sure what exactly such users need to do. Are there any folks in the petsc-dev list that do (or have done) regular Windows development that can chime in?


On 7/1/19 2:16 PM, Smith, Barry F. wrote:


     Thanks. The important thing is to be able to build PETSc for Microsoft and Intel Windows compilers (so that users can use the libraries from the Microsoft development system as a "regular" Windows users).


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I played around with WSL1 quite some time ago and it seemed pretty promising. I have not tried WSL2, but I'm guessing that it may be the best option for building PETSc on a Windows 10 machine. I've got a Windows 10 machine (it basically just runs my television/media center) and I'll give it a try on there.


On 6/29/19 8:11 PM, Jed Brown via petsc-dev wrote:

"Smith, Barry F. via petsc-dev" <petsc-dev at mcs.anl.gov><mailto:petsc-dev at mcs.anl.gov>

  Does it make sense to recommend/suggest  git bash for Windows as an alternative/in addition to Cygwin?

I would love to be able to recommend git-bash and/or WSL2 (which now
includes a full Linux kernel).  I don't have a system on which to test,
but it should be possible to make it work (if it doesn't already).

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