[petsc-dev] NVIDIA cuTENSOR library for accelerating tensor operations

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>    Is this relevant for anything upcoming in PETSc?

Its all dense, so I think its less relevant. The sparse tensor stuff that
Edgar was experimenting
with is much more interesting. Sometimes I think Tensor-Train is
interesting, but that I recover.
Its looks like tensor stuff really could be useful for statistics problems,
but so far I am unconvinced
its useful for physics.


>     Barry
> From: Timothy Costa tcosta at nvidia.com
> Date: April 02, 2019
> Subject: Pre-Release: NVIDIA cuTENSOR library for accelerating tensor
> operations
> cuTENSOR is a new library containing highly optimized tensor
> primitives for NVIDIA GPUs. It provides a set of simple, flexible APIs
> for elementwise tensor operations and tensor contractions. cuTENSOR's
> expressive API allows for elementwise operation fusion and exposes
> several tensor contraction algorithms. cuTENSOR is now available in an
> apply-for-access pre-release at developer.nvidia.com/cutensor. Apply
> today!

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