[petsc-dev] tiny issues in test harness

Jakub Kruzik jakub.kruzik at vsb.cz
Tue Aug 14 05:05:41 CDT 2018

Hi all,

I started using test harness in PERMON and find out a couple of issues 
with it.

1) multiple "args:" keywords in "test:" in "testset:" are ignored except 
for the last "args:" keyword. See attached MWE and check it with

python2 ${PETSC_DIR}/config/testparse.py -t ex1.c -v 3

2) single quotes can't be used in "filter:"  keyword. E.g. filter: grep 
'r =' generates

petsc_testrun ... 'grep 'r =''

resulting in filter being "grep r". Might be worth mentioning this in 
dev manual and/or putting guards into parsing/petsc_testrun.



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