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Adrian Croucher a.croucher at auckland.ac.nz
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On 28/09/17 04:18, Matthew Knepley wrote:
> Okay, I think this should be easy to solve.
> First a little bit about SF. There are two parts to the specification. 
> You have the communication part, which maps
> a certain location p on this process to another location q on another 
> process. This might not change for you. The
> second part just tells it how big the data array is (numRoots), which 
> is the thing that the locations in the communication
> part index into.
> So my question is, where did you put the numbers for the points you 
> added? Are they after all points, or only after the old cells?
> I think you can easily create the new SF using the info from SFGetGraph().

I've had a closer look at how the SF stuff works (partly by viewing the 
point SF from the original DM) and I think I understand it now. There 
were two things I hadn't realised:

1) It looks like all DM points are always considered potential roots for 
leaves on another process, which is why it complained with an error 
message when the number of roots was less than pEnd . I don't think this 
really makes so much sense in the dual-porosity mesh case I'm working 
on, because the new points I'm adding are all 'inside' the original 
cells and have no possible connection with any other points. So they 
can't be roots for any off-process leaf points. But I guess it won't 
hurt to tell it that they can (by increasing the number of roots passed 
to PetscSFSetGraph so it's equal to the new pEnd).

2) Because I'm doing finite volume I had only thought about ghost cells, 
but the SF needs to include leaf points in other height strata as well 
(vertices, edges and faces). My new points in each stratum have been 
added after the partition ghost points, so the leaf cells won't have 
changed their point indices. However the leaf points in other strata 
will have been shifted (because of points added into preceding strata).

So I think I will need to use PetscSFSetGraph() after all, so I can 
increase the number of roots, update the leaf point indices, and also 
update the remote root index for each leaf (presumably I can use the 
original SF and PetscSFBcastBegin/ PetscSFBcastEnd to do that).

If you agree, then I will need working Fortran interfaces to the 
PetscSFGetGraph/ PetscSFSetGraph functions, which are missing at 
present. Are you able to add those easily?


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