[petsc-dev] nightlybuilds (next vs next-tmp)

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Nov 12 10:12:07 CST 2017

On Sun, 12 Nov 2017, Smith, Barry F. wrote:

>      If the testing/fixing would be faster if we bought more machines then decide what machines we need and we order them now. Buying machines is far better than wasting even more people time (which is much more expensive).

Its wading through the numerous logs and and deciding on how to debug
the breakages that's the limiting factor. [the more builds we add the
more logs are generated]. And there is a basic breakage - that gets
replicated in all the 40 logs [sometimes multiple times]

[so I usually end up punting looking at the logs :(]. Yeah we have
some scripts that checks and sends blame e-mail. I'll have to check if
its still working or broken. [but it doesn't cover all breakages]

And them I'm usually using brute-force bisection to find the change
that might have triggered [i.e not really debugging] - to identify who
the breakage belongs to.

Perhaps new hardware might help - but its not clear by how
much. Improvements to the build tools might also help [again have to
figure out how to improve without breaking things..]


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