[petsc-dev] broken nightlybuilds (next vs next-tmp)

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Fri Nov 10 15:46:53 CST 2017

Richard Tran Mills <rtmills at anl.gov> writes:

> Lastly, a question for everyone: If someone knows that they have merged
> something into 'next' that has broken the builds or tests, and it is going
> to be a while before this is fixed, should they revert that changeset in
> 'next'? I see some reverts in the 'next' logs, but not that many. Maybe
> this is because it's not always easy to tell if one's particular changeset
> broke things when there are all these other changes being merged.

Yes, or add something to the branch to deactivate.  Note that if you
revert a merge, do more work in the branch, and simply merge again, it
does not "un-revert" the merge.  That probably isn't what you want; you
can revert the revert, then merge.  Or you can rebase the branch,
possibly onto $(git merge-base master your-branch) so it just updates
the committer time/hash, and merge again.

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