[petsc-dev] petsc rewind of next branch?

Cameron Smith smithc11 at rpi.edu
Mon Jun 19 07:18:32 CDT 2017

Thank you.


On 06/16/2017 11:54 AM, Jed Brown wrote:
> smithc11 <smithc11 at rpi.edu> writes:
>> I suppose this email should/could go to a petsc mailing list.  If you
>> agree, please let me know which one and I'll gladly send it there.
> Cc'd petsc-next.
>> I was just reading through the petsc developer's guide
>> https://bitbucket.org/petsc/petsc/wiki/developer-instructions-git
>> and an older presentation of yours
>> https://jedbrown.org/files/20141113-Software.pdf
>> on git workflows involving a master, next, and topic branches.
>> In petsc, is the next branch rewound (reset to point at the head of
>> master) periodically (i.e., after a release)?
> After a feature release.
>> If so, what git commands are used for the rewind?  In the gitworkflows
>> docs: https://git-scm.com/docs/gitworkflows a 'reset --hard' is used
>> followed by an 'announcement'. I'm guessing the announcement tells
>> folks who cloned the repo that they should expect a history change in
>> next?
> Yup.  Satish has been doing this lately, but I expect the procedure
> looks like
>    git checkout master
>    ... set release version strings
>    git commit -am'PETSc 3.8 feature release'
>    git tag -s
>    git checkout maint
>    git merge --ff-only master
>    git checkout master
>    ... set PETSC_VERSION_RELEASE=0 (a flag meaning that this version is not a release)
>    git checkout next
>    git reset --hard master
>    git push origin maint master +next
> Then send an email announcing the release and that 'next' has been
> rewound.  The easiest thing for users is to run
>    git branch -D next
> in which case any subsequent
>    git checkout next
> will create it anew.

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