[petsc-dev] PETSc statistics

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Thu Jun 8 18:29:01 CDT 2017

Sean Farley <sean at farley.io> writes:

> Sean Farley <sean at farley.io> writes:
>> Andrew McRae <A.T.T.McRae at bath.ac.uk> writes:
>>> But we clone from our fork (formerly Bitbucket firedrake/petsc, now Github
>>> firedrakeproject/petsc), not from Bitbucket petsc/petsc.
>> Yeah, the stats won't be perfect, of course. Hopefully, useful enough
>> for some general idea of the numbers.
> Also, there are harder questions to answer: does a pull count? If so,
> what about a no-op pull? A pull of one commit? etc.

It would be fascinating to know how often people issue pulls.  For
example, we really have no idea how many people track 'master' or
'next', but daily pulls, particularly those not at exactly the same time
each day (e.g., cron/nightly testing versus issued by a human) would
help give a picture.

> I erred on the safe side and just counted the clones / archives.
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