[petsc-dev] Compilation with ESSL SMP

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Feb 20 10:19:32 CST 2017

Pierre Jolivet <Pierre.Jolivet at enseeiht.fr> writes:

> Hello,
> It looks like the configure does not directly handle libesslsmpbg 

What did you pass to configure?  LIBS=-lesslsmpbg or similar?

> instead of libesslbg. On the other hand, it handles both 
> libmkl_intel_thread and libmkl_sequential.
> Is there a reason for such a limitation? (I'd like to have direct 
> solvers linked with threaded BLAS).

People do this by accident or without understanding the implications far
more often than they do it intentionally.
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