[petsc-dev] Fortran interfaces for VecGetLocalVector and VecRestoreLocalVector

Patrick Sanan patrick.sanan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 13:43:43 CDT 2016

I'd like to use VecGetLocalVector and VecRestoreLocalVector from Fortran.

It appears that these are not covered by the Fortran interface, based
on the fact that they don't appear in my include/petsc/finclude
directory anywhere, even though other related functions do.

This seems to be confirmed by the fact that this function has the
"comment-only" Sowing block in src/vec/vec/interface/rvector.c and
does not appear in the ftn-custom (or f90-custom) directory there.

I'm new to using Fortran directly with PETSc.  I can delete the "C"
from the Sowing blocks, rebuild the library, and link, but I'm not
confident enough to say that this worked yet. Should that be all that
is required to make these functions available?

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