[petsc-dev] Soliciting suggestions for linear solver work under SciDAC 4 Institutes

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jul 1 16:32:32 CDT 2016

   The DOE SciDAC institutes have supported PETSc linear solver research/code development for the past fifteen years. 

    This email is to solicit ideas for linear solver research/code development work for the next round of SciDAC institutes (which will be a 4 year period) in PETSc. Please send me any ideas, no matter how crazy, on things you feel are missing, broken, or incomplete in PETSc with regard to linear solvers that we should propose to work on. In particular, issues coming from particular classes of applications would be good. Generic "multi physics" coupling types of things are too general (and old :-)) while  work for extreme large scale is also out since that is covered under another call (ECP). But particular types of optimizations etc for existing or new codes could be in, just not for the very large scale.

    Rough ideas and pointers to publications are all useful. There is an extremely short fuse so the sooner the better,



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