[petsc-dev] Installation namespaces

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Dec 25 18:56:38 CST 2016

> On Dec 25, 2016, at 6:43 PM, Jed Brown <jed at jedbrown.org> wrote:
> Almost nothing we install to $prefix/bin is namespaced, let alone
> required to use PETSc.  I think we should remove most of it from prefix
> installs and namespace everything that is truly needed.
> And we really need to stop installing the ridiculous bin/*
> subdirectories (especially bin/maint).  Nobody uses directories in /bin
> and most of the stuff in bin/maint is not relevant to prefix installs.
> Most of those directories should either be not installed or go in
> lib/petsc/.

   Agreed. I am surprised it is dumping all this stuff/crap.

$ ls /Users/barrysmith/petsc-install/bin/
FASTMathInstaller.py   configVars.py          petsc_gen_xdmf.py      petscnagupgrade.pyc    sendToJenkins          urlget.py
PetscBinaryIO.py       maint                  petscdiff              petscrun               taucc.py               win32fe
PetscBinaryIO_tests.py parseargs.py           petsc_gen_xdmf.py      popup                  uncrustify.cfg
TOPSGenerator.py       petsc-mpiexec.uni      petscmpiexec           portabilitycheck.py    update.py
adiforfix.py           petsc_conf.py          petscnagupgrade.py     saws                   urlget


The only things worth keeping IMHO are petscdiff,  PetscBinaryIO.py   and petsc_gen_xdmf.py but the later two are Python, do they belong somewhere else anyways since they are python.

BTW: some stuff in bin IMHO more properly belongs in maint.   The saws directory is PETSc stuff based on saws so maybe should be namespaced with PETSc (and no subdirectory). 

> I also have a complaint about stale install trees.  I had an old
> PETSC_ARCH (built long ago).  I updated my repository to today's
> 'master' and did
>  make reconfigure gnumake install
> and it installed (to a just-cleaned prefix):
>  petsc-mpich-basic-prefix/lib/modules
>  petsc-mpich-basic-prefix/lib/modules/3.4.2
>  petsc-mpich-basic-prefix/lib/modules/3.4.3
> I believe this is because we copy all of PETSC_ARCH/lib (those files
> existed a couple years ago when this arch was first built).  I consider
> this to be a bug, though it feels hard to fix in the current
> environment.  I think it would be better to move our installs to a
> whitelist scheme (perhaps with globbing) rather than bulk copy.

    The installation is all handled with one nice python script which can be easily edited to get the effects you want :-)


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