[petsc-dev] Mac OS X El Capitan does not propagate DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH from parent process

Andrs, David david.andrs at inl.gov
Mon Oct 5 09:28:03 CDT 2015

Hi guys!

If you are not aware of this yet, DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH does not get propagated
into the child processes on El Capitan. See

I am not sure if that has some implications for your build system, but we
were not able to build PETSc because one of our libraries (libiomp5.dylib)
relied on it and the build system failed detecting the compiler (we ship
our version of clang with MOOSE).

I know, it is not a build system issue, it is how we build some underlying
piece. I just wanted to make you are aware of this.

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