[petsc-dev] Patch for ksp tutorial ex56

Hong hzhang at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Mar 10 15:28:57 CDT 2015

Sascha :
Thanks for your contribution!
I have patched both to petsc-master in the branch hzhang/ex-update

Once it passes our regression tests, I'll merge it to the petsc master.


> I prepared a patch regarding the reading of the data file in ksp tutorial
> ex56.
> It sets the path to the data file required for running the example
> relative to PETSC_DIR
> instead of relative to the tutorials folder to allow running the example
> from any folder.
> Also, I used PETSC_DIR_SEPARATOR instead of the currently hard coded ‘/‘
> so that the code would also run on a windows machine … if anyone cared.
> Please discard the patch if you do not want to change the current behavior.
> Best,
> Sascha
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