[petsc-dev] Naming convention of examples

Dave May dave.mayhem23 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 04:26:30 CST 2015

Is there a naming convention one should follow when introducing new

Specifically, in
I see the following

  ex1.c   ex10.c  ex11.c  ex12.c  ex15.c  ex16.c  ex18.c  ex19.c  ex2.c
ex21.c  ex3.c   ex42.c  ex42a.c ex5.c   ex6.c   ex7.c   ex8.c   ex9.c

If I want to add a new example in this directory, should I
  (i) choose a file name based on the first availble empty slot between
ex1.c and ex42.c?, or
  (ii) choose a file name based on the largest existing test, e.g. ex43.c?;
  (iii) ignore the distribution numbers of the existing examples all
together and choose any number for my example which isn't already taken?

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