[petsc-dev] git workflow question

Karl Rupp rupp at iue.tuwien.ac.at
Sat Jul 19 03:15:34 CDT 2014


 >> Note that 'dmeiser/fix-cusp-bjacobi' has somewhat tangled merge history,
>> so if you are going to clean it up, you should do that before starting a
>> new branch.  (I don't really care in this case; keeping clean topic
>> branches gets easier with practice.)
> I created a mess with upstream merges because I didn't appreciate the
> consequences. I read up on this and things are much clearer now. I know
> that fix-cusp-bjacobi doesn't merge into master without conflicts at
> this point (the ill conceived upstream merges were an attempt to resolve
> the conflicts in the branch). Would the best way to clean things up be
> to recreate the branch off of master? Karl, would this mess with your
> testing/reviewing of this branch?

Actually, I think we doing ourselves a favor if we recreate the branch 
from the current master, possibly after merging the removal of the 
"#ifdef 0"-stuff. Is that okay with you?

Best regards,

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