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> On Jan 22, 2014, at 10:57 AM, Jed Brown<jed at jedbrown.org>  wrote:
>>> Moving back to list.
> sorry, muscle memory prevents me from hitting that reply-to button
>>> Blaise A Bourdin<bourdin at lsu.edu>  writes:
>>>>> On Jan 21, 2014, at 11:20 AM, Jed Brown<jed at jedbrown.org>  wrote:
>>>>>>> Matthew Knepley<knepley at gmail.com>  writes:
>>>>>>>>> - Reading from or writing to exodus files is not supported.
>>>>>>>>> Yes, I think this is the best target. It should be similar to writing HDF5 that we do for PyLith.
>>>>>>> How are we going to represent high-order elements in Exodus?  Doesn't it only support quadratic
>>>>>>> continuous spaces?  What about DG spaces, H(div) spaces, or higher than second order?
>>>>> It only supports first and second order elements. I don?t think that continuity is an issue. Nothing prevents
>>>>> you to alter the connectivity table. Element types is set by blocks, so mixing polynomial orders is not
>>>>> possible without some trickery
>>> Do we consider this an acceptable long-term solution?
> hell no!
> Does anybody knows of any open and widespread format supporting elements of order >2? I checked quickly, and
> according to their documentation it seems that none of exodusii, silo 4.7, or xdmf support them...

MOAB supports this, with certain constraints (if one facet of an element is resolved with higher-order nodes, they all 
have to be), including I/O.  But, you'd have to modify any viz tool to handle those elements (e.g. both Paraview and 
Visit interpret Nek5000's Nth order spectral element as NxN linear elements.

- tim

> Incidentally, exodus docs last update is from 2006,silo?s from 2010, andhttp://www.xdmf.org  has seen minor edits
> after 2009... I seem to recall that the project is now hosted with visit. Not sure.
> Blaise

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