[petsc-dev] Running dsymutil in GNU make build

Jed Brown jedbrown at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Nov 4 11:27:06 CST 2013

Satish Balay <balay at mcs.anl.gov> writes:
> CLINKER was historically used. If LD_SHARED is more appropriate - we
> could switch to it.
> OSX started with PCC - and then switched to LD_SHARED at some point..
> https://bitbucket.org/petsc/petsc/commits/a12d32f7af6f5098c41b081481fb0b3b0db00b6a

This does not explain why.  Is there a known difference between CLINKER

>> Do we still need special rules for FreeBSD and Solaris?
> Since its working in nightlybuilds - nothing to worry about?


> [until we try out dlls on windows.]

Does this mean MSYS (not Cygwin)?
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