[petsc-dev] Some questions about adding default global to local, etc., functions for DMShell

Richard Tran Mills rtm at eecs.utk.edu
Wed Mar 6 13:54:39 CST 2013

Hi Folks,

I am adding some pointers to scatter contexts within the internal "data" 
struct for DMShell, e.g. the 'gtol' and 'ltog' members in

typedef struct  {
   Vec Xglobal;
   Vec Xlocal;
   Mat A;
   VecScatter *gtol;
   VecScatter *ltog;
} DM_Shell;

First question: When in DMCreate_Shell we do

ierr     = PetscNewLog(dm,DM_Shell,&shell);CHKERRQ(ierr);

will this guarantee that gtol and ltog are set to NULL, or do I need to 
explicitly set these somewhere?  I see that the allocated memory is 
zeroed but I'm not sure how NULL might actually be represented in memory.

I have also added some new functions like 
DMShellDefaultGlobalToLocalBegin()/End(), and in DMCreate_Shell I do

   dm->ops->globaltolocalbegin = DMShellDefaultGlobalToLocalBegin;
   dm->ops->globaltolocalend   = DMShellDefaultGlobalToLocalEnd;

The user can set different routines via 
DMShellSetGlobalToLocalBegin()/End(), but if the user only sets the gtol 
and ltog scatter contexts, then the default routines will perform the 
appropriate scatter operations.

Second question: What is the proper "PETSc way" to throw an error if 
gtol is NULL and tell the user that DMShellDefaultGlobalToLocalBegin() 
cannot be used without first setting the scatter context via 


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