[petsc-dev] Style Guide: How to format single-line if/for/while-blocks?

Karl Rupp rupp at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 22 14:42:50 CST 2013


 >     Yes, I'm aware of that. Since we have to update hgrc for the
>     BuildSystem anyway, it's 'just another line'.
> Yeah, well, I still think it's rude for a build script to mess with the
> user's private repository configuration. We only get away with it
> because beginners don't know better and experts usually configure their
> system so it doesn't run (e.g., by pulling BuildSystem themselves) or
> know that it's running.

It may be rude, but it only affects those who consider pushing to 
petsc-dev. Among these few, how many keep a private repository 
configuration? For all others, we ask them to send patches, so we can 
still control the formatting issue.

>     Eventually we can come up with a hook that aggregates multiple
>     commits, i.e. the user only needs to add a follow-up commit fixing
>     the violation rather than fiddling with the history.
> This is horrible because the aggregating commit will touch lots of
> irrelevant lines. If it does more than change whitespace, git/hg can't
> even give us a diff that looks past that rearrangement. It's important
> for every commit making it into the repository to be formatted consistently.

In such case I'm afraid I have no idea about how to ensure correct 
formatting other than hoping that users run pre-commit checks... :-(

Best regards,

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