[petsc-dev] Integrating PFLOTRAN, PETSC & SAMRAI

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Sat Jun 4 08:09:56 CDT 2011

On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 8:03 AM, Bobby Philip <philipb at ornl.gov> wrote:

> Barry:
> I heartily agree with all that you have said. Thanks for your suggestions.
> I do believe what you have suggested is the best both in the shorter and
> longer term. As a clarification on freezing the petsc-dev version, my
> suggestion was to freeze
> the version for a few months at a time as it reduces the burden on me on
> fixing frequent breakages.

We don't have to bog down pflotran-dev with particulars, but can you
characterize what breaks
most often for you, or what you find yourself doing most often for SAMRAI?



> Regards,
> Bobby
> >
> >  Peter,
> >
> >    In the mid to longer term we need to make sure that SAMRAI has more
> resources than a one man operation, so this is something that needs coverage
> in the next round of SciDAC.
> >
> >    When dealing with tracking package changes I've found the best way is
> to track them continuously so each new issue (due to a change) gets fixed
> immediately rather than waiting until a bunch of stuff is broken before
> fixing it.  This way determining what change broke what, is much easier.
>  This means we should set up nightly tests of PETSc+SAMRAI+PFLOTRAN and deal
> with each issue the day after it breaks instead of weeks later. Probably
> Richard could set up such a test and have it send email to say Richard,
> Bobby and I each time a breakage occurs.
> >
> >
> >   Barry
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > On Jun 3, 2011, at 5:49 PM, Lichtner, Peter C wrote:
> >
> >> Folks: we have a problem trying to integrate PFLOTRAN with PETSc and
> SAMRAI. The basic problem is that when PETSc is updated it often breaks
> SAMRAI in nontrivial ways. For PFLOTRAN itself the changes needed are
> usually minor to bring PFLOTRAN back in sync with PETSc. But this is not the
> case for SAMRAI. Bobby Philip, the lead on SAMRAI, does not have the
> resources to develop the PFLOTRAN implementation of SAMRAI and keep it up to
> date with changes in PETSc. The question is how to resolve this difficulty.
> We have expended a considerable effort in adding SAMRAI to PFLOTRAN and
> several directions of PFLOTRAN development rely on SAMRAI including
> applications to CO2 sequestration, the Hanford uranium plume, and a hybrid
> model using the lattice Boltzmann method at the pore scale coupled to the
> Darcy continuum scale with SAMRAI providing the bridge between the two
> scales. Bobby has suggested freezing the PETSc developer version used in
> PFLOTRAN. However, this would potentially limit the development of PFLOTRAN.
> An alternative approach is to create a separate branch of PFLOTRAN for use
> with SAMRAI. However, this would limit our ability to develop a hybrid
> model, not to mention causing difficulties down the road when the two
> branches are finally merged. Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc.
> appreciated on how we can best resolve this issue.
> >> Thanks, ...Peter
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