[petsc-dev] mechanism to prevent running of untested PETSc codes on difficult machines

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jul 8 14:08:58 CDT 2011

   I suggest we embed in the PETSc library a mechanism that does not allow an untested PETSc code to be run on machines like BlueGene and Cray (or even if possible clusters with batch systems). After a program has been successfully run a number of times on an easy to use machine (including some parallel runs) it generates a key associated with the code. Then at runtime PetscInitialize() on the BlueGene would check for the appropriate key; if it does not locate it it refuses to run and tells the user to develop on a development system.



>> I am running the PETSc code in Bluegene.
>> And some errors came up like:
>> "Floating point exception!"

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