[petsc-dev] TS changes

Jed Brown jedbrown at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jul 7 00:15:48 CDT 2011

I have pushed several changes to TS. Significant order dependence has been
removed in the setup phase. The user visible changes are summarized below,
please report any problems.

TSSetIFunction() and TSSetRHSFunction() have an additional argument for the
vector to compute the function value in. If PETSC_NULL is used, then one is
created by the TS.

TSSetMatrices() has been removed, use TSSetIFunction() and
TSSetRHSFunction(), perhaps providing Jacobian matrices and
TSComputeRHSFunctionLinear() and/or TSComputeRHSJacobianConstant(). See
src/ts/examples/tutorials/ex{2,4,5,6}.c for examples.

Changed TSStep() interface to only perform one step. Added TSSolve() to
perform multiple steps with callbacks and monitors if desired.

Added TSARKIMEX: additive Runge-Kutta implicit-explicit methods for
multi-rate systems. Schemes of order 2 through 5 with L-stable implicit part
and SSP explicit part are available.
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