[petsc-dev] wtf

Hong Zhang hzhang at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Dec 18 17:53:40 CST 2011

>    Why did I add that horrible #if defined() stuff? So I could run tests with MatMatMultSym() on your matrices without running the more memory using and time consuming part of the example. I am determined to beat Hong's best on the symbolic part :-).

Have you achieved it?
I saw PetscHeapMergexxx() from
but cannot find it from petsc-dev. Have you removed PetscHeapMergexxx() ?
>> You seem to be the only recent person to touch this other than me.  Also, how can I view the history of a file?
>> I used
>> hg log gamg.c
>> to see that you modified this file.  Is there a way to see what you did?


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