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Sean Farley sean at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Dec 18 17:51:11 CST 2011

> Yes. I accidently pushed the #define foo 1 line, you can remove that one
> line, sorry about that. I may have removed it in a later push.

If you have, then you haven't pushed it.

> Why did I add that horrible #if defined() stuff? So I could run tests with
> MatMatMultSym() on your matrices without running the more memory using and
> time consuming part of the example. I am determined to beat Hong's best on
> the symbolic part :-)

Gentleman, shall we place bets now?

Better to ask someone who knows how to do all that stuff then just me.

Since you both use macs, I'll suggest the GUI way to do it. For this
example, I'm using Source Tree. It's free from the App Store:


You'll first pull the latest revisions then search for gamg (seen in the
first link). Then select Actions -> Log Selected ... Below is a screenshot
of what you should see:


After this, you will see a nice history with all the diffs:


Where you can clearly see what Barry added. I still prefer the command
line, since that is where I live most of the time. On the command line it
is much easier:

$ hg log -vp src/ksp/pc/impls/gamg/gamg.c

And you will see this (colors not included):


I don't recommend 'hg annotate' mainly because it is impossible to read
without a good interface (which I've yet to see a good implementation).
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