[petsc-dev] major changes to DA in PETSc-dev

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Oct 17 20:25:28 CDT 2010

• The SDA object and all its method have been removed
• The DA, ADDA, Slice and DMComposite objects are now all represented by a DM object. 
• Routines that began with ADDA and Slice now begin with DMADDA and DMSlice
• DA/ADDA/Slice/DMCompositeGetMatrix() -> DMGetMatrix(), similar for all other routines that have a DM version
• Removed DASetType(), DARegister() etc since they will all be handled via DMSetType() etc
• Added DMSetUp() that is called, for example, after all the parameters are passed to the DM object to actually construct the data structures; replace all calls to DASetType() with calls to DMSetUp()
• DAXXX() routines are now either DMXXX() or DMDAXXX() see petscdm.h for details
• petscda.h, petscdadef.h and petscda.h90 are now petscdm.h, petscdmdef.h, and petscdm.h90

  As always report problems to petsc-maint at mcs.anl.gov


  Why? The DA/DM classes were a jumbled mess using nonstandard function tables and naming. It had to be cleaned up before enhancements could be added.

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