[petsc-dev] BuildSystem update

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Oct 15 21:08:43 CDT 2010


Your push breaks regular builds..

             Configuring PETSc to compile on your system                       
TESTING: alternateConfigureLibrary from PETSc.packages.hdf5(config/BuildSystem/config/package.py:459)                                                  Please enter value for download-netcdf: 

asterix:/home/balay/tmp/petsc-dev>./configure --help |grep netcdf
  --with-netcdf-lib=<libraries: e.g. [/Users/..../libnetcdf.a,...]>

There is no  download-netcdf option - but a new --download-netcdf-version?


On Fri, 15 Oct 2010, Dmitry Karpeev wrote:

> I've added GNUPackage(config.package.Package), which is supposed to
> simplify writing configure modules
> for "GNU packages" (i.e., those that are installed using the
> "configure; make; make install" paradigm).
> NetCDF.py has been expanded a bit to allow for a download and derives
> from GNUPackage now.
> Bugs are likely, of course, so if anybody has any trouble configuring
> with NetCDF, let me know and I'll take
> care of it.
> Thanks.
> Dmitry.

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