[petsc-dev] Any plan to add ParMetis-3.1.1?

Keita Teranishi keita at cray.com
Tue Mar 23 11:00:04 CDT 2010

PETSc developer team,

One of our PETSc users reported a bug from ParMetis-3.1.0, which motivated them to build their own PETSc with their own patches.  So I am planning to provide our PETSc with the latest ParMetis (3.1.1).

I'd like to know if you have had any problem with 3.1.1 and if you have any plan to introduce this version in the forthcoming PETSc release.   I will appreciate your comments on this issue.

Thanks in advance,
 Keita Teranishi
 Scientific Library Group
 Cray, Inc.
 keita at cray.com

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