[petsc-dev] [petsc-maint #43201] Questions about TS functionality.

Jed Brown jed at 59A2.org
Mon Mar 15 14:33:59 CDT 2010

Hi Michael, to elaborate on Barry's comments:

PETSc-dev (and the forthcoming 3.1 release) has support for DAEs using
the interface described here


Three of the TS implementations currently support this form:

TSGL: very new general linear methods (A- and L-stable, order 1-5 with full stage order, adaptive step and order)

TSTHETA: classic Theta method, Theta=0.5 is Trapezoid rule (Crank-Nicolson), Theta=1 is Backward Euler.

TSPSEUDO: pseudo-transient continuation

I wrote a section in the User's manual on solving DAE (6.1.2):


The controllers for TSGL are pretty naive so it will probably take a
while before they are especially robust.

As Barry says, we plan to make a number of improvements to TS (mostly in
implementation and extensibility) after the release.


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