[petsc-dev] mpiuni and definitions of MPI_IDENT, MPI_CONGRUENT, MPI_SIMILAR

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 11:29:48 CDT 2010

include/mpiuni/mpi.h has this:

#define MPI_IDENT            0
#define MPI_CONGRUENT        0
#define MPI_SIMILAR          0
#define MPI_UNEQUAL          3

These definitions caused duplicate case value errors in
Cython-generated code using C switch statement. I've already pushed a
workaround, but perhaps you could consider defining like below:

#define MPI_IDENT            0
#define MPI_CONGRUENT        1
#define MPI_SIMILAR          2
#define MPI_UNEQUAL          3

PS: This should go to petsc-dev in order to avoid a potential ABI
breakage in petsc-3.1

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