logic of config options

Giuseppe Ghibò ghibo at mandriva.com
Mon May 11 11:21:42 CDT 2009

>> What is an example of an inconsistency?
> The incosistance I'm thingig off is: one can do:
> --with-lapack-lib=-lapack but not perhaps --with-umfpack-lib=-lumfpack
Exactly, or even preserving user linking commands, e.g. to use something 
like this:

--with-lapack-lib=[-L/mypath -Wl,-static -lumfpack -lamd -Wl,-dy]

which might be the right "static" way for system libraries. Or maybe even:

--with-lapack-lib=[`pkg-config --libs --static blabla` -L`pkg-config...`]

in the case a library is built and available under pkg-config.
Ditto for multiple --with-lib-include=[-I/path1... -I/path2...]


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