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Thu Dec 17 16:55:03 CST 2009

A whole swathe of people have been made aware of the issues
that have arisen as a result of a researcher here looking to
run PISM, which sits on top of PETSc, which sits on top of

I am happy to be able to inform you that the problems we were
seeing would seem to have been arising down at the OpenMPI

If I remove any acknowledgement of IPv6 within the OpenMPI
code, then both the PETSc examples and PISM application
have been seen to be running upon my initial 8-processor
parallel environment when submitted as an Sun Grid Engine

I guess this means that the PISM and PETSc guys can "stand easy"
whilst the OpenMPI community needs to follow up on why there's
a "addr.sa_len=0" creeping through the interface inspection
code (upon NetBSD at least) when it passes thru the various
IPv6 stanzas.

Thanks for all the feedback on this from all the quarters,

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