eliminating a cause of my recent rant and argument with Matt

Kevin.Buckley at ecs.vuw.ac.nz Kevin.Buckley at ecs.vuw.ac.nz
Tue Dec 15 18:50:29 CST 2009

>> Would you not consider using a perfectly decent autoconf-like
>> construct
>> such as, in the MPI case,
>> --with-known-mpi-shared
>> given that it is with the knowledge of the shared MPI that you are
>> building ?
>     We could do this. It is a bit wordy with the --with however, if it
> is always --with-known why not just eliminate the with part?
> Do people use --with-known-- with autoconf?

I dont; recall seeing such a usage but thinking about it a bit more
deeply, and possibly echoing another poster, "--enable-something" is
normally used for something optional as in the fuller form



whereas options that configure the "something" are often the "--with"

For example, from OpenMPI,

--enable-mpi-f90     enable f90 MPI bindings (default: enabled)

and then,

                     specify the types of functions in the Fortran 90 MPI
                     module, where SIZE is one of: trivial (MPI-2 ...

                     The maximum array dimension supported in the F90 MPI
                     bindings (default: $OMPI_FORTRAN_MAX_ARRAY_RANK).

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