stupid, stupid, stupid

Barry Smith bsmith at
Sun Dec 13 21:36:15 CST 2009

    So if I pass --with-mpi-shared into it TESTS if the MPI  
libraries are shared. Fine. But if it is download-mpich IT DOES NOT  
try to make shared libraries for MPICH. It only tries to make shared  
libraries for MPI if --with-shared is passed. WTF?

    So I change it so that it tries to make mpi shared libraries if -- 
with-mpi-shared is passed but not also --with-shared. What happens?
"Configuring with shared libraries - but the system/compilers do not  
support this." How the hell does it know the system/compilers do not  
support this? So I have to change the code to not reject the --with- 
mpi-shared when using static libraries.

    Sometimes I just want to delete the whole stinking repository of  
crud piled on crap piled on crud. Maybe we need to start having code  
reviews instead of shoving random code into random files and hope that  
sometimes things might work.

    Ok, well I shoved some random code in and got it to behave  
reasonably for me, until tomorrow,


This problem caused my early problem, since it ignored the --with-mpi- 
shared option it did not think it needed to rebuild mpich.

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