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Thu Dec 10 23:33:21 CST 2009

Hi there,

we have a researcher here at VUW who wishes to make use of
our NetBSD grid of machines, using OpenMPI under Sun Grid
Engine for running the Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM) code
which has PETSc as a dependency.

I have found a port of PETSc for FreeBSD but, as I have come
to realise since moving to a NetBSD house, there are "subtle"
differences in the various build systems.

I thus thought I'd ask folk out there in the PETSc devel
community, if they have had any experience with the package
under the NetBSD pkgsrc system.

For what it's worth, I have recently compiled and tested PETSc
on a NetBSD platform, albeit outside of the NetBSD pkgsrc system.

So before I wade in an add to my "NetBSD from scratch" experience
and try to  make PETSc build under pkgsrc, does anyone have any
insight ?

I am happy to take "no" as an answer.


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