where should config/configure.py put its log

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Dec 17 22:05:31 CST 2008

   I guess having a link for both at the end would be ok. Just need to
make sure the link is cleaned up (removed) at the beginning of the  
next run.

   Moving at the end for configure.py is fine also. You just need to  
the code that does the file move after the catching of the exceptions
in Configure.py

    Please try out making the changes,


On Dec 17, 2008, at 9:12 PM, Satish Balay wrote:

> On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Barry Smith wrote:
>> Currently, make all results in the log file in $PETSC_ARCH/conf  
>> regardless of
>> whether the
>> make is good or bad
>> Meanwhile config/configure.py puts the running logfile into  
>> configure.log and
>> it moves the result to $PETSC_ARCH/conf
>> I don't think this is best. I propose that configure.log be built  
>> directly in
>> $PETSC_ARCH/conf
>> Reasons:
>> 1) When we tell people to send us configure.log we don't have to  
>> say: "if
>> config/configure.py failed
>> send us configure.log if it succeeded send us $PETSC_ARCH/conf/ 
>> configure.log"
>> This will be confusing
>> to people who may not even understand if it succeeded or not.
>> 2) consistency, it is confusing to have it done differently from  
>> the make.
>> Any good reasons why this is a bad idea?
> I've had issues with the 2 locations for configure.log [for eg: in the
> nightly builds] - so 1 location $PETSC_ARCH/conf is good for me.
> But one potential problem: I don't think it can be directly built in
> $PETSC_ARCH/conf as $PETSC_ARCH is sometimes determined quarter-way
> through the configure process [and the dir $PETSC_ARCH/conf is created
> then..]
> So the logfile should get copied over at the end... [I'd like to keep
> a link in PETSC_DIR to the latest configure.log - and perhaps make_log
> aswell]
> Satish

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