Request related to SLEPc

Jose E. Roman jroman at
Fri Dec 12 09:01:20 CST 2008

SLEPc's uses the value of $PETSC_ARCH in order to setup  
everything for installation. We never had a $SLEPC_ARCH variable  
because our does not add platform-dependent functionality.

Now the problem comes when PETSc has been configured with --prefix and  
installed with make install. In that case, $PETSC_ARCH is no longer  
available and SLEPc's is in trouble.

A simple workaround would be that PETSc's configure (or make install)  
would add a variable (e.g. PETSC_ARCH_NAME) in file petscvariables. We  
parse this file so the arch name would be readily available even if  
$PETSC_ARCH is undefined.

Can someone do this? Other solutions are welcome.


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